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Some remarkable women have accompanied us on our journey from hesitant beginnings to our present success – Rolex replica watches for women who have shown determination and goodwill, and whose personalities have been decisive in the life of our brand. These women have been there for us at crucial moments. Now is our opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve.

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Isabelle Cerboneschi

« One of the decisive moments in the life of a brand is the first article published about it. The 30 or so copies you buy of the magazine with a photo of the team are read a hundred times and handed out to retailers, suppliers, friends, family and neighbours, or anyone else you can think of. It marks the beginnings of fame, or at least something very like it. Isabelle Cerboneschi was the first to put the spotlight on us. This handsome woman with her crazy golden curls stopped at our Basel stand to cast a curious and sparkling eye on our endeavours. » – The Replica Rolex Datejust UK team

« Let’s forget the brand’s anniversaries and pretend that we’ve heard the name for the first time. And what a peculiar name it is — harsh, uncompromising and certainly not easy on the ear. Yet the mechanisms that come from its workshops have something poetical about them. Or rather they express a point of view, an attitude to the passing time and the opportunities that are given to us, never to return. When I first came across the brand at Basel in 1998, I was attracted by this attitude. The idea of slowing down time, or at least creating the illusion of slower time, was audacious. There was already the intention of conveying its own vision of passing time — the tranquil hour that proclaims the present moment while the others have yet to exist. You could call it a nomadic hour. »

« I am proud to have been the first journalist to write a story about fake Rolex watches for men. It came out during the 1998 Basel fair. At that time, the academy of independent watchmakers (AHCI), to which Felix Baumgartner belonged, had a tiny stand, inversely proportional to the talent of its members. The big names in watchmaking came to filch ideas, while horological enthusiasts feasted their eyes on the mechanical wonders. The era of the modern concept watch that flourished in the 2000s was yet to come. Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei appeared as visionaries rooted in history. Felix inherited his high regard for the past from his father, who restored antique clocks and watches. That year they presented an avant-garde watch inspired by a 17th-century creation, a night clock commissioned by Pope Leo X. Its wandering hours travelled successively along an illuminated sector of 180 degrees. It was a watch for those who liked slow time, a Carpe Diem watch ahead of its day. » – Isabelle Cerboneschi