Replica Rolex Submariner Date Watches with Black Stainless steel Bezel

Rolex always brings people the conservative feeling without great change on appearance, and the design of classic replica Rolex Submariner Date watches are the same, but they still have some changes.

Replica Rolex Submariner Date Watches with Black Stainless steel Bezel

The bezel of the top Rolex Submariner Date copy watches Cerachrom ceramic material so that the color can be avoided to be scraped. Besides, this kind of copy watches are made of stainless steel, so the diving scales of 60 minutes on the bezel is also golden.

In addition, one key attribute of the fake watches is the legibility of the dial. The dial is designed in large size with big hour markers and thicker hands, making the time reading easier. Besides, the hands and hour markers are made of gold material, which are corresponding with the two-tone stainless steel bracelet. Moreover, the black letters about brand, model and waterproofness are printed on the black dial, and characters of “ROLEX” are carved on the inner wall of the bezel.

Rolex Submariner Date copy Watches with Black Stainless steel Bezel

Furthermore, the luxury Rolex fake Submariner Date watches are equipped with self-winding mechanical movement, guaranteeing the sturdiness, durability and precision. What’s more, the water resistance of the replica watches can be as deep as 300 meters, which enhances the performance and makes them more attractive to watch enthusiasts.