New Rolex Day-Date 228235 Copy Watches UK With Olive Green Dials On The Christmas Discount

Day-Date collection is the most honourable in Rolex family. The watches are the first choice for country leaders and many successful people. Rolex Day-Date replica watches with automatic perpetual movements have 40mm everose gold cases with fluted bezels. This design can add stereoscopic feelings. Their scratch-resistant sapphire glasses are very glittering and clear, offering a good vision to wearers.


Their solid Roman numbers made of everose gold are very exquisite. Their central three hands show the time precisely. A small window is at 3 o’clock showing the date. The new watches are launched in 2016 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Day-Date collection. To honor this moment, Rolex uses green color for the dials because green is the representative color of this collection.

Rolex fake watches with rose gold winding crowns are waterproof to 100m. Their oyster cases are sealed by special tools, so only Rolex craftsmen can open the cases. Their distinctive feature is the indicator at 12 o’clock to show the day of a week. The indicator spells the day in full so that wearers can be clear at a glance.


Their innovative functions are supported by more stable movements Cal. 3255, self-winding mechanical movements. The COSC-certified movements are carried with 14 patents. They have good precision, long-lasting power, excellent resistance to shocks and magnetic fields. So Rolex 228235 copy watches with everose gold bracelets are very noble and elegant, suitable to be a gift.

Two Rolex Copy Watches UK With Black Dials For Formal Occasion

  1. Rolex Cellini Date 50519 Replica Watches With Black Leather Straps

The watches are driven by Cal. 3165, self-winding mechanical movements with blue Parachrom hairsprings. The movements can wind up in both directions. The power reserve is about 48 hours. Their black dials are decorated with radial waves. The diameter of 18ct white gold cases is 39mm. Their hour markers are applied white gold indexes.

Rolex-Cellini-Date-Black-Dials-Formal-ReplicaThere are three white gold hands in the center showing the time. A sub-dial with a small hand is showing the date. Their domed white gold bezels are fluted. Rolex fake watches with white gold hands are waterproof to 50m. Their simple but delicate dials make them look very elegant and noble. Their stable functions are also very practical for routine use.

  1. Rolex Day-Date 228239 Fake Watches With Automatic Mechanical Movements

The diameter of the white gold cases is 40mm. Their hour markers and hour and minute hands are covered with white luminescence. Wearers can read time in the dark. A date aperture is set at 3 o’clock. Besides, there is an indicator showing the day of a week spelt in full at 12 o’clock. This function is very innovative and convenient for people. So many country leaders also prefer to choose them as their companion.


Their fixed white gold bezels are fluted. Rolex copy watches with white gold bracelets are waterproof to 100m. Their functions are supported by Cal. 3255, self-winding mechanical movements with blue Parachrom hairsprings and high-performance Chronergy escapements. The power reserve is about 70 hours, longer than the first one.

Both of them use black dials to present a decent and noble image. Their functions and appearances are all different. You can choose either one as you like.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 Copy Watches UK With Black Oysterflex Straps For Sale

Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches with automatic Swiss movements have 40mm round cases made of everose gold which make the whole image look very noble. Their hour markers are white luminescent indexes with everose gold settings and their everose gold hour and minute hands in the center are also covered with white luminescence.


A date aperture is set at 3 o’clock. The designs of the dials are very exquisite. The watches also have the bidirectional rotating bezels equipped with matte black Cerachrom ceramic rings. The 60-minute scales and numerals on them are polished and solid.

The precise functions are supported by Cal. 3135, self-winding mechanical movements with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairsprings. They can wind up in both directions by perpetual rotors. The power reserve is approximate 48 hours.


Rolex 116655 fake watches with black dials have very unique straps. Their Oysterflex straps are the flexible metal blades covered with high-performance synthetic rubber. The straps with gold folding safety clasps can bring you a comfortable experience. The watches have noble appearances and reliable functions, attractive to many people.


42MM Rolex Explorer II 216570 Copy Watches UK With Black Dials Of Good Quality

Explorer II collection is an improved version of Explorer. Rolex Explorer II replica watches with automatic Swiss movements have white luminescent indexes as hour markers. There are three hands covered with white luminescence showing the time precisely. A small date aperture at 3 o’clock can be seen clearly through the anti-reflective sapphire glasses.


Their fixed satin-brushed steel bezels are carried with black 24-hour graduated scales. The bezel can show the 24-hour second time zone with the help of the central orange hand. Their complicated functions are supported by Cal.3187, self-winding mechanical movements with Parachrom hairsprings and Paraflex absorbers. The movements certified by COSC can wind up in both directions. The power reserve is about 48 hours.

Rolex-Explorer-II-Black-Dials-CopyTheir main materials for watch bodies are 904L steel. The screw-down winding crowns have double waterproofness systems. Rolex 216570 fake watches with white hour markers are waterproof to 100m. Their functions are practical and stable. Wherever you are, you can master the time quickly. Their designs are also exquisite and decent, suitable for any occasion.