Black Leather Straps Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman” Replica Watches UK Auctioned In WINNING ICONS

Philips auction held the “WINNING ICONS” in New York in October 26, 2017. The most attractive auction should be the “Paul Newman” Daytona fake watches with self-winding movements. The 6239 Rolex is equipped with the Exotic dials. It is the first launch of Daytona. You can imagine that how luxury it is.

This watch was originally bought by Newman’s Oscar winning actress wife Joanna. Woodward purchased, and in the back of the dial specially for the keen racing husband engraved “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME”. Until 1984, Newman donated to his daughter’s friend James Cox, and James treasured this rare Rolex Daytona replica watch for a long time.

Instead of valuable Rolex copy watches with black dials, you can here see a lot of same expensive watches like Cartier Tank, Patak Philippe 1463 or Audemars Piguet 5516 and so on. So if you are deeply in love with some types, maybe you can here find them. While you need have a lot of money.

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UK Fancy Of Top Equestrian Athlete Zara Tindall-Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches With Black Rubber Straps

People who pay attention to Equestrian sports must know Zara Tindall who is the UK top athlete. Now she is in peak of career. She once said that her success was due to supports of famous athletes like Patsmythe. Also the sponsor of Rolex brings her much luck and chances. So in every game, we all see her wearing Rolex copy watches with self-winding movements.

Patsmythe is her idol when she was young. Just like Patsmythe, after she won the champions, she also becomes the new ambassador of Rolex. She has appeared in the advertisements of Rolex for many times. It is said that her love on fake watches with black dials are earlier than being an athlete. Her first Rolex was from Lady Helen Stewart. Her grandfather was legendary Sir Jackie Stewart which was the ambassador of Rolex. It seems that her fate with Rolex has been decided long time ago.

Every Rolex watch represents their success in their careers. In other words, it is the symbol of success and achievements. Like extravagant Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches, they may be a sign of awards.

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UK First Black Rubber Straps Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Ref.116518 LN Watches

Actually rubber has been widely used in the watchmaking, while as a top watch brand, Rolex has a lot of series. It is not strange that Daytona fake watches with self-winding movements are the first time to apply this material. But you have admit that it is a great try and achieves a lot of popularity.

For the reason why Daytona did not use rubber before, no one can tell clearly. Maybe only the designer can tell you. Or they want to bring you a big surprise like this time. Will you feel more surprised and exciting? For me a senior Rolex fan, the new Rolex Daytona copy watches are satisfied. Also it provides a new way for Rolex. It can try different kinds of materials to interpret the classical types such as Datejust or Submariner. It may achieve different surprise.

Instead of the changes of materials, different kinds of color collation are recommended for all watch brands. Nowadays types of watches including Rolex replica watches with golden cases  are more and more, people may feel bored. While only with little changes, people may be attracted easily. So for the development of business, innovation is necessary.

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