Why Do UK Steel Cases Rolex Replica Watches Always Use 904l Steel?

Rolex fans should have heard of 904L steel, but this material may only stay in the “cognitive” more durable, but they are not clear about the main difference with this kind of stainless steel 316L steel of other brand watches. While we do know the point is that the use of this steel will make a high cost so far, only Rolex brand watches adapt it fully. Thus, there are many people expressed doubts: ” in the end why 904L steel is expensive?” Today we will take luxury Rolex Explorer II 216570 replica watches as example to explore the main reason.

The first reason is that 904L steel cases copy watches are like metal in glossiness. 904L steel is mainly used in equipment such as chemical reactors, seawater processors and other high corrosive substances, so corrosion resistance is stronger than 316L. The causes of such differences come from the composition of alloy elements.

In addition, the 316L steel and 904L steel are almost the same, the main components are nickel, chromium and molybdenum, just in different proportion, and 904L also has a small amount of copper, so the corrosion resistance and wearing resistance is stronger than 316L, and there is no much difference on both the strength and hardness. Only rich Rolex can make use of this material. Of course, the price of Rolex fake watches with white dials are quite expensive.

Two Kinds Of UK Classical Rolex Fake Watches For Sale

Rolex is a classic in the hearts of watch fans which can be expressed from the idiom “once and for all”. Rolex is also a goal in the heart of me. Its simple and concise design styles can make people calm down, and slowly appreciate the taste. In the flaship of Rolex, we can know that there are two kinds of classical Rolex fake watches with self-winding movements which are quite popular.

  1. White Dials Rolex Explorer II 216570 Replica Watches

Rolex copy watches with steel cases are still in the leading position of watch industry. And its frame is known all over the world. The white GMT watches can be regarded as the most classical type among Rolex Explorer series. With simple and energetic tone, all details make it become the most top type.

  1. Top Rolex Milgauss Fake Watches With Black Dials

I think most of watch fans all know Milgauss watches which is called fro green diameters. This kind of watch reappears the classical lightning needle which is still famous in the eyes of fans. The classical must have its outstanding part which you can explore gradually.

42MM Rolex Explorer II 216570 Copy Watches UK With Black Dials Of Good Quality

Explorer II collection is an improved version of Explorer. Rolex Explorer II replica watches with automatic Swiss movements have white luminescent indexes as hour markers. There are three hands covered with white luminescence showing the time precisely. A small date aperture at 3 o’clock can be seen clearly through the anti-reflective sapphire glasses.


Their fixed satin-brushed steel bezels are carried with black 24-hour graduated scales. The bezel can show the 24-hour second time zone with the help of the central orange hand. Their complicated functions are supported by Cal.3187, self-winding mechanical movements with Parachrom hairsprings and Paraflex absorbers. The movements certified by COSC can wind up in both directions. The power reserve is about 48 hours.

Rolex-Explorer-II-Black-Dials-CopyTheir main materials for watch bodies are 904L steel. The screw-down winding crowns have double waterproofness systems. Rolex 216570 fake watches with white hour markers are waterproof to 100m. Their functions are practical and stable. Wherever you are, you can master the time quickly. Their designs are also exquisite and decent, suitable for any occasion.