Why UK Popular Fake Rolex Watches Without Transparent Sapphire Backs?

There are more than a million Rolex watches born every year to meet the demand of watch market. There are no transparent sapphire backs edition in commercialized production. You can only special, customized and converted editions. Why famous watches copy Rolex do not have editions with transparent sapphire backs? I think there are mainly two seasons.

The durable copy watches have superb water resistance.
Water Resistant Copy Rolex Watches

For one thing, the world well-known watch brand is famous for its Oyster watches with superb water resistance. What is Oyster structure? It is that the case, bezel, lugs and back are connected in one, which ensure its firmness and water resistance. At the beginning, Rolex is famous for its Oyster structure, so is it at present.

The famous fake watches are cheap and fine.
Cheap Fake Rolex Watches

For the other thing, the other brands’ watches with transparent sapphire backs always have high prices. Rolex pays attention to the practicability and durability of the perfect replica watches, sealed non-transparent backs are cheap and fine.